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Aviation Innovations, LLC, is a sister company to Columbia Aviation Center. We are the only holder of an FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificate for the modification of Piper Twin Comanches to accept a Weldon auxiliary fuel pump using an 8850-5 motor.

These units have proven to be very reliable and only about 1/3 the cost of Piper's replacement pump for the PA 30/39 series of airplanes. The 8850-5 motor is Weldon's most commonly used motor, making production costs lower and the motors more reliable than less frequently used, lower production run motors.

We can overahaul your pump section, mating it to a new motor and return it in three days, or exchange your unit for an overhauled or completley new pump. Next day shipping is generally available. Exchanges dependant on stock on hand.

Also included with the STC is the authorization to improve access, mounting and the addition of motor burn out protection, not found in the original factory installation. Installation kits come with the needed hardware, modified mounts, instructions and drawings necessary to complete the conversion. A tool kit of specialized tools needed to make the modification is loaned to the installer at no charge.

Weldon Auxiliary Fuel Pumps

Our sister company, Aviation Innovations, LLC, is the only holder of an FAA approved STC for the conversion of the auxiliary fuel pump installation on Twin Comanches. We can completely overhaul your pump section and mate it to a new Weldon 8850-5 motor to produce a reliable, long lasting pump which can give years of trouble free service.

Call Marci @ 360-907-0888 for sales
Dave @ 503-522-4842 for technical support.
Weldon auxillary fuel pump
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