Special Offer
Special Offer

Would you like to try out flying a plane yourself, just to see if it's a fit for you?

For only $149, you can go for an introductory flight, just to see if it's something you'd like to do. You'll fly with a Certified Flight Instructor in an airplane equipped with dual flight controls, make radio transmissions, taxi the airplane while on the ground, and out of a 30 minute flight, you'll actually fly the plane yourself for about 25 minutes.

The introductory flight includes a 15 minute preflight briefing during which your flight instructor will show you how the primary flight controls operate, and what to expect during the flight.

After the flight, your adventure will be entered into a pilot log book, which will be yours to keep. Should you decide to continue flight training, this same log book will be used to document your training. If not, you'll have one of the coolest mementoes ever! Bring your camera and we'll get pictures of you at the flight controls, in front of the plane and anywhere else you want your adventure to be documented from.

Flying is fun, useful, and can be learned by the average person. Are you tired of airport security? Tired of arriving at the airport 2 hours early to take an hour long flight? Has the fun of being screened by the TSA and still being exposed to the threat of hijack worn off?

Try it this way and you may never go back. When you're the pilot, the flight leaves when you're ready to leave. No lines, no searches, and the average private plane seat is more comfortable than the typical coach seat. And the view is soooooo much better!

Come give it a try. We're betting, you'll be hooked!

Call Dave @ 503-522-4842 to schedule your flight.