Hangar Space
Special Offer

We have, from time to time, limited hangar space available for aircraft storage.

This is a great deal for owners. No more arranging to take your plane to the shop or the inconvenience of having maintenance personnel tug your plane across the airport. Store your plane in the maintenance facility!

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a full kitchen/restroom lounge, with internet access and the friendship and camaraderie of airport people. Need a mechanic to help you out with a ride around the patch to listen to a "noise" or a Certifed Flight Instructor to custom design a flight training program? We do all that too!

Want maintenance done? Just give us the word and we'll take care of it. It's like having your own flight department!

How about one button to open a hangar door 60'wide and 18' high. No more wresting cranky hangar doors, just one push of a button and the door opens. One push to close. It's that easy!

Space is limited and not always available. Spaces come up periodically so feel free to put you name on our waiting list. Ask for details.

Office space
Come barbeque with us!

Every spring and at intervals during the summer, Columbia Aviation Center staff, customers and tenants get together for picnics and barbeques.

It's a great time for you to pump our staff for information and get fed at the same time!

Call Dave @ 503-522-4842

for space rate quotes or email